Astro4Kids – English

My goal in this space is to teach kids how to develop their critical thinking, cultivate their curiosity and strengthen their self confidence through the world of astronomy.


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    During the pandemic, to help out families with virtual learning, I started organizing virtual classes geared towards schooled-aged students to teach them about the wonders of the cosmos. These are open to all youngsters, and are free of charge. Space is limited so don’t forget to sign in early.

    If you have questions please send them to my email or through this page. Although I am not very active, you can follow me on Twitter here.

    Next Meeting

    March 31st 2022

    5:45pm Toronto (EDT)

    Theme: JWST: Unlocking the mysteries of our origins – Meeting Credentials

    We will be talking about the most powerful telescope we have ever sent to space, and how we will use it to look back in time to when the Universe was younger, as well as look for planets where there could be life.